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Hi! I’m Lauren  and I’m the girl behind the camera at Lauren Zemens Photography and I’m so happy you’re here to check out what I have to offer.

I’ve only been working as a professional photographer for a short while but honestly I’ve had a love for capturing moments forever.

I was always the one that had her tiny point and shoot camera in everyone’s faces at every party, vacation or group gathering. I’ve always felt moments are meant to be remembered and cherished and photography brings that to a whole new level.

When I finally upgraded to a big girl camera (a camera I’m afraid of dropping or can’t shove in my clutch for a night out) a world of excitement started burrowing in my soul. I took pictures of EVERYTHING…Food, flowers, dogs, and finally people, people who ASKED me to take their pictures and babies that really didn’t want me there but their mom’s sure did.

And so it started. Lauren Zemens Photography. It began in my living room and after only a short while it was time to move to a small studio in Warren, Mi.

I have a vision in mind for the kind of pictures I take; I want them creative and lively! Although I’ll do the standard “portrait” we have all had every year since we were 1, they aren’t my favorite. I prefer to catch a laugh while swinging high on a swing or a sweet smile all dressed up in play clothes at a tea party. The real life moments.

When I’m not taking pictures or editing I work Part-Time as a Respiratory Therapist on the midnight shift. I also love to travel, ride bikes with my husband and our dog (yes we have a basket), eat good food and enjoy every bit of the life God gave me.

Thanks for reading,

I hope to hear from you soon!





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